Into the glacier

Starting from: Husafell and Klaki base in summer (1 June - 15 October). Only from Husafell during the winter.
Season: All year
Duration: 2.5-4 hours
Difficulty: 1/5
Minimum age: None

Enter a beautiful world of blue ice, deep inside the Langjokull ice cap.

From Klaki base, you will board a specially engineered glacier super truck, which will take you up onto the glacier Langjokull and to the ice tunnel entrance, which is close to the top of the glacier.

After entering the tunnel, you will shortly stop in one of the side chambers close to the entrance, to put on your spikes and receive the basic instructions and short description for the visit. Then, you will go on an English guided tour through this unique tunnel, visiting several chambers and passing on a bridge over a crevasse, where you can have a great view of the structure of the glacier from the inside. There will be ample photo opportunities during this tour.

Optional pickup from Husafell is offered during the summer season (1 June - 15 October) as an add-on. During the winter months, the tour starts only from Husafell, and the pick up is included.

- Tour in a specially modified glacier vehicle on Langjokull glacier. Departure from either Husafell or Klaki base camp by the glacier’s edge
- Entrance and English speaking guidance in the ice cave and tunnels
- English speaking driver / guide / audio guidance
- Free WiFi in glacier vehicles

The transfer between Husafell and Klaki base camp is included during the winter months (15 October - 31 May), but offered as an optional add-on during the summer for the tours at 10:00, 12:00 and 14:30. The transfer takes 30 minutes.

The road to Klaki is a Highlands road, and we recommend that you only drive there on your own on a 4x4, and use the shuttle transfer otherwise.

To bring: 

- Waterproof shoes and warm socks
- Base and mid layer clothing
- Waterproof and warm coat
- Hat & gloves – easy to take off
- Sunglasses – sun on the glacier shines very bright when it shines…
- Dont forget your camera!