Every season brings a different & unique experience.
We offer scheduled departures, private guided tour options & self drive itineraries for autumn, winter & spring.
Choose from a range of exciting holidays or let us customise a unique holiday just for you!


A complete contrast from summer, winter in Iceland is truly a special experience – a fairytale winter landscape with fewer tourist crowds; a variety of cultural events and unique festive celebrations; frozen waterfalls and warm geothermal springs; topped off with the magical northern lights.

The Icelandic weather is unpredictable, more so in winter, so be prepared for everything from clear sunny skies to snowstorms. Despite the northern latitude, temperatures are mild due to the Gulf Stream, and hover around 0 degrees celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit).

Winter driving can be challenging with unpredictable weather & road conditions. However with our experienced driver-guide, you are always in safe hands and can sit back and enjoy the surreal landscape.


Spring brings longer days with wonderful midnight sunsets & amazing daylight. The melting snow creates fascinating patterns & gushing waterfalls, the beautiful spring flowers bloom & the colourful birds return to awaken you with their melodious songs.


Autumn is filled with excitement & possibilities – vibrant fall colours, fresh snow dust on the beautiful mountains, delicious wild berries & the constantly changing weather. Shorter days & darker nights bring the opportunity of seeing the mesmerising northern lights!