Iceland Photo Tour

Starting from: Reykjavík
Duration: 5 days

A small group tour with a maximum 6 participants, an award winning photographer who will guide and inspire you to capture Iceland's beauty in your own way and our local driver who will take you to the places to photograph and off the beaten path.

Awe-inspiring waterfalls, unique flora, surreal glacier lagoons, imposing mountains and the northern lights!

Learn more about our experienced photographer:
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Dates on request
Duration: 5 days / 4 nights
Price: from 285,000 ISK per person

Send us an email for questions or to sign up. Private tours available on request.

"You don’t take a photograph, you make it." - Ansel Adams

Prior to your tour, Ajoy will advise you on what to bring: clothing, travel gear, camera, lens and software.

At your first meeting in Reykjavik, Ajoy will run you through his unique workflow and the tools he uses. Your group will discuss thoughts on landscape photography, what it takes to make a great final image and how to make the best use of your time on-location.

Typical format for each day on tour:
- The night before each photo tour, Ajoy will orient you to the landscape, what you can expect when you arrive at the site and safety tips.

- Each tour will begin before the sun is very high up in the sky. Ajoy will constantly guide you with photography tips and help each photographer on a personal level with their image-making.

- Upon return each evening, you will have a workshop devoted specifically to the light conditions at the locations visited. Ajoy will provide you input and artistic perspective on how to best process your images.

- We will all learn from the individual thoughts and perspectives within the group

- At the end of the tour, Ajoy will provide feedback on your strengths and focus areas for improvement, and how you should pursue what you have learnt.


- 5 day tour of South Iceland with an experienced local driver
- 4 nights accommodaton in 3 star hotels with breakfast
- Dedicated award winning photographer guide, Ajoy Prabhu, for duration of tour
- Photography tours during the day and workshops in the evening

To bring:

- Multi-layered warm clothing appropriate for the weather (base non-cotton layer, fleece or wool mid-layer, wind/waterproof jacket and pants)
- Hiking boots
- Cap and gloves
- Don't forget your camera!